Distribute your app store links like a boss

Instead of doing this:

Image source: http://assessment.tamu.edu/

You can simply distribute this single QR code, like a boss.

One of the unique features of Qropit QR codes is that it is completely adaptable.┬áTry scanning the above QR code for Twitter app with a QR code scanner and you’ll know what we mean.

When Graystone Industries launches their new GlassPhone,

Image source: http://tech.spotcoolstuff.com/

you can be sure that we will also adapt to that, as long as your mobile app developer can keep up.

As a bonus, you’ll also be getting detailed analytics of your QR code, for FREE!

One of the many statistics that Qropit analytics provide

For a sample analytics that Qropit provides, you can try this.

If you haven’t given us a try, try us out. :)